The Minimalism Game – Week 1 Items

I have my video clips for week 1 of the Minimalism Game put together (January 1st through 7th). Hopefully it won’t take me as long to get weeks 2 and 3 put together as they are both now past due. I am working on it! 🙂

If you missed my Intro post to the Minimalism Game, what it is and why I am playing it you can view that here.

So I don’t have still pictures of everything which means you will need to watch the above video if you are interested in seeing footage of all the items my husband and I each decided to get out of the house for week 1. I will however at least list the items directly below just in case anyone is wondering and doesn’t want to watch the video:

My Items

  • January 1st (1 item) – Decorative Tea light Candle Holder Box
  • January 2nd (2 items) – 2 Glass Candle Holders With Candles
  • January 3rd (3 items) – Red Decorative Plate, Frosted Glass Tea light Lantern, Frosted Glass Votive Candle Holder
  • January 4th (4 items) – 2 Coffee Mugs & 2 Ice Cube Trays
  • January 5th (5 items) – 5 Round Dinner Plates
  • January 6th (6 items) – 6 White Ceramic Mugs
  • January 7th (7 items) – 2 Roaster Pans, 3 Rectangle Plastic Containers, 1 Tall Plastic Container, 1 Plastic Liquid Measuring Cup

My Husband’s Items

  • January 1st (1 item) – Light Up Santa Star Christmas Tree Topper
  • January 2nd (2 items) – Christmas Tree Ornament & A Set Of Tree Lights
  • January 3rd (3 items) – 3 Christmas Themed Puzzles
  • January 4th (4 items) – 3 Ceramic Mugs & 1 Tall Drinking Glass
  • January 5th ( 5 items) – 5 Random Kitchen Utensils (Flipper, Pasta Serving Measure, Tablespoon, Lemon Juicer, Strawberry Stem Remover)
  • January 6th (6 items) – 5 Forks & A Digital Food Thermometer
  • January 7th (7 Items) –  5 Spoons & 2 Butter Knives

That is it for week 1. Nothing really overly interesting but all things that needed to be weeded out nevertheless. I see it as big or small it all takes up space so no matter what you choose it is a step in the right direction. Stay tuned for weeks 2 through 4!


Lets Play The Minimalism Game! Getting Rid Of Clutter & Excess Stuff

If you read my post about My Goals For 2016 then you may recall that one of those goals was to clean up the clutter and excess stuff in my house and in my life. As a way to get started down that path right from the get go my husband told me about a game he read about on The Minimalists Blog called the Minimalism Game.

Essentially what you do is ideally starting on the 1st of a month for simplicity sake you start to pick out physical items in your life that you really don’t need, use or get any real value from and get them out of the house by the end of each day (whether that be by selling, donation or giving away, or trash etc.). So on the 1st you would choose one item, on the 2nd you would choose two items, on the 3rd three items, on the 4th four items and so on and so forth until the 30th or 31st (depending on the month you are in). The idea is to try to make it as far as you can through the month doing this everyday. So, assuming I did my math right, if you were to get through an entire 30 day month that would be a total of 465 items gone and out of your life!

Obviously the farther you get through the month the more difficult it will be to come up with enough items for each day. It really makes you think and make some hard decisions about what items really are that important that they should be taking up space in your house.

Both my husband and I are doing this as individuals and have a little competition going to see who will make it the farthest through the month (or maybe we will both make it to the end). We are still trying to decide on some sort of little prize and/or punishment for the winner/loser just to keep things interesting. When we figure something out I will let you know what that is.

We started our first round of the game on January 1st and I will be posting Youtube Videos and Blog updates for each week of January showing what we each decided to get rid of throughout the month. As it is already January 17th when I am posting this I am obviously already a little behind in getting the first couple of weeks worth of items up so I am working hard to get those posted within the next few days so stay tuned!

Also on a side note, we decided to deviate from the original game a little bit in that the items do not have to be out of the house on the same day we picked them because if we are selling something that can take a few days to a couple of weeks and we would rather have one or two bigger loads in the month to drop off for donation rather than a bunch of small loads (to save us time and gas). So instead we have a few bins set aside that we have to put our chosen items into until they are sold or hauled off to the donation centre. Of course if you try the game you can just do whatever works best for you!

I would love to hear if you decide to give the game a try and how you make out!


Festive Holiday Swag Tutorial


Yes, another tutorial! I promise this will be the last one for awhile but I wanted to use up some of the leftover greens and things that I had from my Festive Holiday Planters. I hate to waste something when with a little bit of effort I can make another beautiful item to add to our holiday decor.

This tutorial was my Youtube video for Vlogmas Day 4 which if you are interested in checking out you can find it at the very bottom of this post.

I made 2 identical outdoor Holiday Swags (I still can’t believe that is what they are called but my research keeps pointing me in that direction in terms of naming what these pretty bunches of greens and ribbon are). I have them hanging on either side of our garage door which is a pretty traditional place to put them I think. I see quite a few of them out in our neighbourhood already.

I chose the red accent pieces for them so they would tie into/coordinate with my Holiday Planters. I just love how pretty all this fresh greenery looks displayed in front of the house!


Materials Used:

  • Western Cedar (I had a bundle I purchased just for this project as well as some leftovers from my Holiday Planters)
  • White Pine (this was leftovers from my Holiday Planters so I thought I would incorporate it)
  • Red Mesh Ribbon
  • 2 small stems of artificial red berries
  • Florists Wire
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters
  • Measuring Tape

My finished Swags were about 24 & 1/2 inches long and I made them to be roughly that size because that is what was proportionate to where they were going to be hung on the outside of the house. You could make yours shorter or longer, wider or thinner, whatever you prefer and/or works best for the area you plan to hang them.

You could also use different types of greens than I did or use a larger variety and/or different placement. If I had any of the Silver Fir leftover from my Holiday Planters I probably would have found a way to incorporate that as well. You could also use a totally different type of ribbon. I see a lot of Swags made with velvet ribbon instead of mesh ribbon. I think burlap ribbon would also look pretty if you were going for a more rustic look. You can also buy a pre-made bow instead of making your own like I did.

There are also so many different accessories you could use, the variety of berries to choose from seems endless and you could also add maybe a poinsettia flower or pinecones or glitter leaf stems etc. There are just so many options to make these your own and change them up every year!


Cost Breakdown (in Canadian Funds):

  • $5.87 Western Cedar (I am only including the cost of the bundle I bought specifically for the Swags as I costed the leftovers from the Planters into that project already)
  • $0.00 White Pine (I accounted for the cost of this in my Holiday Planters already and what I used here was just the leftovers)
  • $4.71 Red Mesh Ribbon
  • $2.09 Two Stems Red Berries
  • $1.98 Florists Wire
  • $0.00 Glue Gun & Sticks, Scissors, Wire Cutters, Measuring Tape (I already had all of these items on hand)
  • Total Cost: $14.65
  • Price Per Swag: $7.33

*The Cedar and Pine I purchased at Lowes and I purchased them at 20% off. The Mesh Ribbon, Berry Stems and Florists Wire I purchased at Michaels and they were all purchased at 50% off. I should have enough Mesh Ribbon and Florists Wire leftover to use for next year and I hope to use the Berry Stems again as well.








I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel inspired to try making these on your own! They are fun to make and look so beautiful hanging outside the house.

Happy Holidays!



Festive Holiday Planter Tutorial


It is day 2 of Vlogmas on my Youtube Channel and today’s video was a tutorial on how I made my outdoor festive holiday planters for the 2015 holiday season. If you are interested in watching the tutorial and maybe attempting one of these on your own you can check out my video below at the very bottom of this post.

Materials I used:

  • 2 large ceramic planters. These are planters I already owned that I use for my summer annual flowers
  • Potting soil and Sand. I filled the bottom half of the planters with the potting soil (which I had leftover from the summer) and the top half with the sand (I purchased an 18 kg bag from Canadian Tire and used about 3/4 of it)
  • Fresh cut Silver Fir, White Pine, Western Cedar and Dogwood Branches (these I purchased at Lowes)
  • A variety of accessory pieces to use as nice pops of colour and sparkle in the planters. I purchased these all as artificial pieces so I can reuse them for the next few years if they hold up. For the 2 planters I used in total 2 poinsettia flower stems, 3 red berry stems and 4 gold leaf stems. I had also purchased some red mesh ribbon but did not end up using it. (All of this I purchased at Michaels)
  • Wire Cutters, Scissors and a Cerated Knife all of which I already had in the house. I had also purchased some florists wire from Michaels but did not end up needing it.


Cost Breakdown (in Canadian funds):

  • $0.00 for the 2 Planters (I already had these)
  • $0.00 for the Potting Soil (I already had this)
  • $6.28 for the Sand (I have 1/4 of the bag left)
  • $4.89 for the Western Cedar (I got this for 20% off)
  • $6.99 for the Silver Fir
  • $4.79 for the White Pine (I got this for 20% off)
  • $4.79 for the Dogwood Branches (I got these for 20% off)
  • $18.51 for the accessories used (poinsettias, gold leaves, berries)
  • Total Spent: $46.25 to make 2 planters
  • Total Price Per Planter: $23.13

*I did not include the cost of the Red Mesh Ribbon and Florist Wire in this breakdown because I did not use them in the planters, however I will be using them in another project very soon which I will be making a tutorial for and will include the cost of these 2 items there.

I did get the majority of the accessories from Michaels for 50% off. I almost never buy anything full price from Michaels as they are always having sales and they always seem to have a coupon running that gives you 40-50% off of one regular priced item. As well they often run coupons for anywhere from 20-50% off of your entire purchase.


White Planter







Green Planter








I hope you enjoyed and found the tutorial helpful. I just love doing projects like this! I find them to be so fun and relaxing so if you have even a little bit of the crafting bug in you or like to explore your creativity I urge you to give something like this a try for the holidays this year. You will get so much satisfaction in seeing your beautiful creation(s) every time you go in and out of your house.

Thanks for stopping in!