Festive Holiday Planter Tutorial


It is day 2 of Vlogmas on my Youtube Channel and today’s video was a tutorial on how I made my outdoor festive holiday planters for the 2015 holiday season. If you are interested in watching the tutorial and maybe attempting one of these on your own you can check out my video below at the very bottom of this post.

Materials I used:

  • 2 large ceramic planters. These are planters I already owned that I use for my summer annual flowers
  • Potting soil and Sand. I filled the bottom half of the planters with the potting soil (which I had leftover from the summer) and the top half with the sand (I purchased an 18 kg bag from Canadian Tire and used about 3/4 of it)
  • Fresh cut Silver Fir, White Pine, Western Cedar and Dogwood Branches (these I purchased at Lowes)
  • A variety of accessory pieces to use as nice pops of colour and sparkle in the planters. I purchased these all as artificial pieces so I can reuse them for the next few years if they hold up. For the 2 planters I used in total 2 poinsettia flower stems, 3 red berry stems and 4 gold leaf stems. I had also purchased some red mesh ribbon but did not end up using it. (All of this I purchased at Michaels)
  • Wire Cutters, Scissors and a Cerated Knife all of which I already had in the house. I had also purchased some florists wire from Michaels but did not end up needing it.


Cost Breakdown (in Canadian funds):

  • $0.00 for the 2 Planters (I already had these)
  • $0.00 for the Potting Soil (I already had this)
  • $6.28 for the Sand (I have 1/4 of the bag left)
  • $4.89 for the Western Cedar (I got this for 20% off)
  • $6.99 for the Silver Fir
  • $4.79 for the White Pine (I got this for 20% off)
  • $4.79 for the Dogwood Branches (I got these for 20% off)
  • $18.51 for the accessories used (poinsettias, gold leaves, berries)
  • Total Spent: $46.25 to make 2 planters
  • Total Price Per Planter: $23.13

*I did not include the cost of the Red Mesh Ribbon and Florist Wire in this breakdown because I did not use them in the planters, however I will be using them in another project very soon which I will be making a tutorial for and will include the cost of these 2 items there.

I did get the majority of the accessories from Michaels for 50% off. I almost never buy anything full price from Michaels as they are always having sales and they always seem to have a coupon running that gives you 40-50% off of one regular priced item. As well they often run coupons for anywhere from 20-50% off of your entire purchase.


White Planter







Green Planter








I hope you enjoyed and found the tutorial helpful. I just love doing projects like this! I find them to be so fun and relaxing so if you have even a little bit of the crafting bug in you or like to explore your creativity I urge you to give something like this a try for the holidays this year. You will get so much satisfaction in seeing your beautiful creation(s) every time you go in and out of your house.

Thanks for stopping in!


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