Like many others out there I to am on a weight loss journey…

I have struggled with my weight for the majority of my life and have tried numerous diets and exercise programs in an attempt to get and keep enough of the weight off to be healthier and to feel comfortable in my own skin. For the most part in the few years prior to having my daughter I had managed to keep my weight at a level where I was reasonably happy with it (ideally could still stand to lose a few pounds but not feeling totally disgusted with myself). I had figured out a lifestyle that worked for me at the time and that I could for the most part stick to and maintain. However in the past year and a half since my daughter was born I have struggled greatly to get my weight back under control.

When I got pregnant I was already about 7 pounds heavier than where I would have preferred to be and by the end of my second trimester I was about 15 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight. I was very careful to eat healthy and properly during my pregnancy because I didn’t want to gain anymore weight than was recommended by my doctor if possible. I knew what a struggle it would be to lose that weight so I was pretty terrified of letting it get out of control. Little did I know that would end up being the least of my worries for quite some time.

To keep on topic and to keep a very long story short for now (I will tell this story and it’s aftermath in detail in the near future), my health severely and quickly deteriorated at the end of my second trimester and my daughter had to be delivered 3 months early (at only 27 weeks). We both almost lost our lives and spent a lot of time in the hospital. The year that followed was extremely scary and stressful, not only because of our health concerns, but also due to other difficult life events piled on top of what we were already dealing with.

I know exactly why I gain weight (to much of the wrong food and not enough exercise) and I also know how to lose it (stop over indulging and move my body). Simple formula on paper but I am a stress eater and while fighting the battles I had to face in the past year and a half my motivation to get that weight off and clean up my diet just wasn’t there. I made MANY attempts to get things back on track but I just kept failing.

I think I am finally now in a place that I am ready to get this part of my life back under control. One thing that has been in the back of my mind since my long stay in the hospital is how so severely unhealthy many of the patients were I saw around the hospital and a lot of that bad health had to of been due to complications from being overweight and living unhealthy lifestyles. Being in that environment really made me strong in my resolve that I need to eat healthier and be healthier in my life. I want to be the best that I can be for my daughter and to set a good example for her so she doesn’t have to struggle with her weight as much as I did growing up and in my adult life.

So as of today I am at a place where I would like to lose at least 20 pounds. As a way to keep me motivated and on track I will try to chronicle as much as possible on the blog my progress and what I am doing to reach my goals. My research on healthy eating in the last year and a half have really made me rethink the way I have been eating in the past (even what I considered as healthy) so this will be an interesting and exciting journey!

Stay tuned for posts featuring what I am eating, healthy recipes, grocery hauls, my fitness routines, the struggles and successes I am having, progress reports (weight, measurements, how I feel overall), before and (hopefully eventually much improved) after pictures and anything else that comes up that I think may help someone else out there struggling to lose weight or just trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Until next time!


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